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Is green really the way??? December 27, 2012

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With my job, we can only carry over a certain amount of vacation time a year. Anything over that, we have to use by January 11th – well I “have” to take off almost 3 weeks right now – and loving it! So it’s given me time to rest and relax. But I’m also researching if a detox/cleanse really work. So far, if you stick to one for 3 days it’s okay, but how can people do one for 21 days?

Then I decided to possibly do a detox/cleanse smoothie as breakfast for a week and then eat pure and natural foods just to help get the junk out of my system that I’ve eaten from all the Christmas goodies. Reading thru the recipes though, I noticed they all ended up with a green color. And yes, I do know they add green vegetables – but not really for sure how spinach or lettuce taste as a smoothie?

So for anyone reading this – do you have any thoughts on these smoothies? Have you tired them with spinach, collards, lettuce, celery or any other green vegetable? What’s the trick to making the smoothie smooth? And not chunky? Or is there a combination of fruits and/or vegetables that you enjoy in a smootie?
I really do enjoy making smoothies, but I’ve only done protein and fruit.

Today, I recreated a new Fitness Pal account – with the screen name “melanina03” to keep track of what I eat/drink/burn. I will admit, I was a HUGE fan of Weight Watchers – until they revamped their program – all fruits are free??? Hmmm, well for me, I couldn’t do it. I had lost the majority of my weight on their previous program and was faithful. Then when they switch programs, so did all their products associated with them. It was too difficult to figure out the difference between the old points and new points.

So with Fitness Pal, it’s synced to my fitbit tracking monitor and I can easily track my food intake and track my exercise goals. I had mentioned my screen name previously in case anyone wanted to be accountable on there.


6 Responses to “Is green really the way???”

  1. healthyjourneyof3 Says:

    Congrats on working towards a healthy lifestyle! I was also unsure of the whole green smoothie thing at first. But when you add fruit (apples worked best for us) to the lettuce, spinach, kale etc… it really overtakes the smoothie’s taste! Watch out for celery though, it’s taste is very strong and you will more than likely have a celery tasting smoothie no matter what you add to it! Good luck on your journey šŸ™‚

  2. veggiereader Says:

    I love making green monsters for breakfast. I usually add spinach, chard, bananas and mixed berries with soy milk. I actually love the taste and I am full a lot longer than with regular breakfast. to make it smooth, I chop my veggies real small and blend them forever šŸ™‚

  3. Valerie A Says:

    I like using Fit Pal. You’ve encouraged me to deactivate my account today. I need to loose 10 lbs to be a healthy weight. Not an easy task when one has a very low metabolism. I look forward to reading your posts for more heating tips and encouragement!

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