Fitness Foreseen for 2013!

Knowing what worked before and reapplying it to life

Resolutions vs Goals – which one is a keeper? January 1, 2013

Well, it’s 2013 and new it begins! The past week has been more of a prep week – planning out a menu, grocery shopping, figuring out my schedule for the gym when I return back to work next week. I’m actually VERY VERY excited about my journey this year. I even had a friend take “before” pictures of me!!! Will I post them on here? Ummmm – maybe later! It took everything I had to stand still for her to get the pictures! Maybe I’ll post them with my first “during” picture – when I feel better about my body. 

Around this time every year, people are talking about their resolutions they will be making for 2013, then they add the line “or at least for January”. What has happened to people’s thinking of a resolution? Why do they think it will only last for January? 

I think if we replace “Here are my 2013 resolutions” with “Here are my 2013 goals” people would be more likely to stick with them. I make goals every year – some I accomplish, others I don’t. But of those I don’t accomplish, I noticed it’s due to lack of planning. Well, this year I’ve already made my goals – and they are REALISTIC! I think that’s something we forget to take into consideration – are my goals realistic???

To lose 3 pounds a week is not realistic and it’s not healthy. To lose an average of 1 pound a week is realistic. To pay off my $30,000 student loan debt in a year is not realistic, but to pay an additional amount on top of my monthly payment is realistic. I’ve always been someone who can create goals and a game plan to accomplish the goal. If people will look beyond the thought of “I want to get fit” “I want to be debt-free” “I want to be happy”, and create a game plan on how to get there and realize that it doesn’t happen over night – or even over one year. 

“I want to get fit” – well, that’s a good goal. But if you just stick to that thought then you’re like a fish flopping trying to get back to the water. That’s why in February you don’t even think about hitting the gym. I’ve been there, done that and didn’t like the results. So, For this year, I’ve sat down and created a goal for each month in fitness. For January – starting on the 7th my goal is be at the gym 12 times for at least 30 mins of cardio. That is 3 times for 4 weeks – does that sound realistic? I just stuck with cardio that way I’m not overwhelm getting back to my 60-90 sessions of cardio, weights, classes in the first week. And I know with my back issues my body has to build back up!

I think I’m writing this for more myself – to remind myself that it’s all about having a game plan. It’s all about having a realistic game plan and sticking with it. Last year one of my goals was to bring my love for books back into my life. I used to read a book a week and I knew that would overwhelm me. So, I decided to read 20 books for 2012. When I counted the books earlier this month, I had read 28 books! My goal was to purchase and read a book every 2-3 weeks – I knew I could do read one in that time frame.

So I’m reminding myself of my goals for 2013 – some will seem familiar to you as I listed them on my first post. 

*Please ignore the “2012” on the pic – I couldn’t find one that said 2013 but I really liked the pic!

1. To lose a total of 65 pounds for 2013! That’s a little over a pound a week! Slow weight loss is better!

2. To pay attention to inches lost and let my clothes be the judge of the true loss in my body.

3. To begin eating better again – all the fresh fruits and vegetables – tracking what I eat on

4. Work up to drinking 100 ounces of water a day again

5. To start with 30 mins at the gym for 3 days a week! Then work back up to the 3-5 days at 60-90 mins. I was one of the people who really enjoyed working out and I miss it! 

*Side note – start at the gym with something you would enjoy (or least hate) – if you start with things you absolutely hate, you’re less likely to keep up with it. Do you enjoy just a casual walk? Just start with the treadmill. Biking? Ride a bike.

6. To walk 3,650,000 steps – does that sounds like a lot? Well, it’s really not. It’s 10,000 steps a day! 

7. To enjoy one day a month to myself – and not feel guilty about it. For those who know me – this is huge!!

8. To pay off 1 debt this year – being realistic to know I can focus more on one debt than trying to focusing on paying them all off in one year.

9. To blog on here twice a week. Once I return to work, I’m going to have to schedule time each week to write and to keep who ever is reading this updated.

Happy New Year and now it begins….Fitness Foreseen in 2013!!!


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