Fitness Foreseen for 2013!

Knowing what worked before and reapplying it to life

And it begins….well soon December 25, 2012

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I decided to start a blog on my journey of getting back into shape – for me, it’s better accountability. Some may wonder how the whole accountability will work on here??? Well, even if no one reads this, just the idea that one person may, will help keep me accountable to myself.

My weight loss journey started a couple years ago when I was living in a house with 2 roommates. Within 18 months, I had lost 75 pounds! And people are right, when losing weight slowly, it’s doesn’t come back on as fast. Well, I was committed to the gym 3-5 times a week – depending on my schedule – but I was on my way to hitting a weight goal. Most people lose weight to become “skinny” – I want to lose weight and become fit to better my health. I was eating right, increasing my cardio activity and was toning muscle.

Then one day that all changed – I was in an auto accident. The front of my trailblazer was crushed because of one person’s choice. Luckily, there were no bones broken, but I had a “sprained spine” with severe muscle spasms. My whole body from head to toe consistently hurt for a few months. Per doctor’s orders, I was not allow to continue with my exercise routine. I hated it, but continue to watch what I ate.

Let’s fast-forward and sum the past year up – I was in physical therapy for a few months, and then was finally released to go back to the gym – and things weren’t the same. Certain movements caused a great amount of pain and I wasn’t nearly as strong as I was before the accident. So I became very discouraged.

I had moments where I ate all the junk I had previously ate. I could feel my body changing. And in 15 months, I had gained 25 of the 75 pounds back 😦

***A little side note – I’ve been on all kinds of crash diets before losing and keeping most of the 75 pounds off, losing it slowly is better because you have less plateaus and you don’t gain as easily. I lost 75 pounds in 18 months, but only gained around 25 back in 15 months…not bad right?

But as I was reflecting on this past year and making goals for 2013 – I am taking back what the accident stole from me! I’m taking my fitness back – I’m going to hit my goal this year! I’m going to build my cardio back up! I’m going to work on getting tone! Normally when I’m goal-oriented, I can accomplish it. And these are the goals I let go off without realizing it! Now it’s time to take charge again!

So here are my fitness goals for 2013:

1. To lose a total of 65 pounds for 2013! That’s a little over a pound a week! Slow weight loss is better!
2. To pay attention to inches lost and let my clothes be the judge of the true loss in my body.
3. To begin eating better again – all the fresh fruits and vegetables.
4. Work up to drinking 100 ounces of water a day again
5. To start with 30 mins at the gym for 3 days a week! Then work back up to the 3-5 days at 60-90 mins. I was one of the people who really enjoyed working out and I miss it!

My goal is not to become skinny – but to become more fit! I lived too many years wanting to be skinny, but when I changed my mindset to becoming healthy, it became a bit easier to follow a plan.

So, the reason for the blog? I’m going to record what my week is like – exercise, new recipes, new foods, etc. I guess it’s going to be more like a journey for me…but here’s a thought, did you know it takes 21 days to get into a habit?? It takes about the same to break one too? Maybe if we were so into the quick fix, we could break some of our habits? I’m wanting to get my fitness habits back…well, here’s to 21 days!

Between now and January 1st, I plan on getting my environment cleaned up from all the junk that’s been collective – hence the “…well soon” on the title.

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